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Then & Now

I visited Guinastasia's Dolls recently & she had a section like this & I thought it was a fabulous idea.
I am remaking some of my older dolls that I like, but have serious problems with.

I get so many mails from people saying that they have just started making dolls & they get so down because they aren't as good as I am. I want everyone to see how much you can improve in just 3 years! I'm sure you'll agree that most of these older dolls are quite awful!

23 June 2001 18 April 2006

Oh dear... Orange skin, black outlines, lumpy hair, the abnormal leg... The original is not pretty to look at! I do actually remember being so proud of her, I think it was the shield I liked. She only went to the archives fairly recently...
The new one is more satisfying, although I don't really like the hair or cloak... I've been working on this one for 3 days now, on & off, & I'm getting pretty sick of her! The rest of the outfit is fine though, especially the skirt...

29 April 2001 11 July 2004

I made the original doll very, very quickly, which may be one of the reasons why she looks a little shoddy... The uniform is also not correct as the nurses outfits (blue dresses) did not have the black edging like the command or engineering uniforms did :p
The new one is pretty cute. Her hair actually turned out a lot better than I hoped... She shading on the dress is not fabulous, but it's a whole heap better than the original. Yes, I really like the hair...

23 June 2001 11 July 2004

I still remember how ridiculously proud I felt when I first made Zendris although now, looking back, I'm really not sure why... The shading is appalling & it is a very bad edit of a Innocents prep. Still, the boots aren't too bad & the hair is ok...
I just adore my new version. I love the texture of the bodysuit, it's a lot silkier than the original. Her hair also turned out very well. It was a bit of an experiment, but I love it. The glow from the orb also worked nicely, subtle, but effective.

19 May 2001 24 April 2004

Hehe... The sword looks so silly! Who holds a sword like that anyway? The hair is very much in the "big chunks of colour" style... The cloak & boots look pretty good though, footwear never being a strong point of mine. I have a feeling I made her as a request for someone, but I could be wrong...
I like dolls with small areas of clothing - much easier to shade! I shaded this pretty much entirely using the lighten/darken tool. I think they are the best boots I've ever done. The cloak & sword are not quite right, but I can live with them.

05 October 2001 24 April 2004

I still think the original Ashley doll is kinda cute, even if the animation leaves rather a lot to be desired! I like her face & hair, but the less said about the dress, the better!
Yes, I know should should have long hair in an up-do, but when I was drawing it, she looked so cute with short hair, I just had to leave it. The shading on the dress is a little off - I like the top, not crazy over the bottom, I just couldn't get the folds to work. I decided to leave off the earrings becuase I didn't want anything to distract from the hair (did I mention I like her hair?)

16 November 2001 24 April 2004

Even when I first made her, I was never completely happy with Noleen. I think it was the pattern on the ress that killed her for me. It's not the best base in world either, which doesn't really help her. The face... well, we won't even go there. I do like the roses though & the shading on the sleeves isn't too bad.
Much better. I'm still not mad on the skirt - shading skirts on big dolls is hard. But I adore the bodice - I might actually use it on another doll without the roses so that it can be seen properly. The blue eyes are a little creepy, but they kinda go...

19 May 2001 05 June 2003

Although not exactly a remake, when I made Aryn, I was actually aiming for something like Celebriän. There really isn't much of a comparison lol! I loved Aryn when I made her & she's not really too terrible, just a little bland. The colours don't really work either - the hair is ultra-yellow & tunic ultra-green...
Celebriän was one of the first dolls I made in Paint Shop Pro 8 & I was having a fantastic time testing out the lighted/darken tool (far superior to PSP7's, in case you're wondering ;). When I look at her, I still can't believe that I actually made her. I'm especially proud of her tunic & belt. The plait needs some work & her boots aren't perfect, but I just think she's shiny :)

15 September 2001 20 February 2002 03 March 2003

As you can see, I rather like dolling MoonDreamers... The first one was originally made for a "Twinkle" contest, which I don't think I ever actually entered... She's quite bad, but I do like the shoes lol!
I like the dress on the 2nd one, but the shading is really not that hot. The shoes are just blobs & the hair lack definition. It was one of my first experiments with semi-transparency though. I think her halo still looks pretty good.
I still love my most recent one & that after a year, so it's saying something. Her hair is great, her shoes are great... The Twinkle base was made to create MoonDreamers & she's just so cute. Definitely one of my favourite dolls.

10 May 2001 26 January 2003

I was so pleased with this one when I first made her. I thought the shading was super. Compared to my other ones, it probably was! The brown outline on the dress is far too dark & just looks nasty. Her hair is also not historically accurate. Looking at her now, there's not too much I actually like about her.
The re-vamped one turned out much better. I think the metallic shading looks good and I like the shading on the white "underskirt". The hair looks better on a white background, but it is more accurate.

18 April 2001 25 January 2003

The original isn't too bad, I just really didn't like the shading. Her hair is also a rather unrealistic yellow as opposed to a true blonde. She was the 14th doll I ever made.
I tried to fix the shading with the remade doll and I do like the way the dress came out. There is something I don't like about her face, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is. On the whole, I think she looks far more elegant & regal than the original.

17 June 2001 25 January 2003

I never liked Mellarn. I think she was too overworked, I kept adding things which made an ok doll horrible. I thought the pink dress was quite a bold move for me, I'd never done that before. But the shading on the dress is lousy, her hair is ugly and the base has a horrible black outline. I did like her boots though.
In contrast, I really like my new Mellarn. The gold decoration actually looks gold and her hair looks really good.

19 May 2001 05 April 2002

As you can see from the dates, there is less than a year between these 2 dolls, but I am amazed at how much I had improved in that time. I still think of my latest Amidala as a "new" doll, I was very surprised when I started doing this & realised she was nearly a year old!
The main problems I have with the first one are the insanely shiny hair (it just looks wrong!) and the ugly, unshaded, brown shading. I still think her jewels and the central embroidered bit look rather decent though.
I really like how the head-dress and the jewels on the second one turned out. I actually used those jewels again when I made Sanshani (see Sorceress), they were too good not to! I'm not crazy over the shading on her dress, but I think she's pretty good.

29 May 2001 24 January 2003

I remember how proud I was of this first doll when I made her. I really liked the colours and the detail. However, she has been relegated to the Archives as I can no longer stand the sight of her!
The base is an (very bad) edit of an Innocents base, the arms are completely out of proportion! The shading looks quite sloppy, I didn't even blend it a little bit.
I made the base for the new one off an actual pose of Leia & the outfit is based on the image as well, but even so I think she's great. The shading is much more smooth and the whole doll is far more detailed.

29 April 2001 24 January 2003

The shading isn't too bad on the original one, considering she was only the 21st doll I ever made & it is a white dress, which is always tricky. She just looks messy though, I don't like her hair and she's made on another bad edit of the original Innocents base.
I think my latest one is an improvement, although I'm still not entirely happy with her. I like her hair, the colour is much more accurate & the style looks better. I also like the inclusion of the belt, but the shading still needs work.

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