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Welcome to Xandorra's Place, home of my pixel-crafted cartoon dolls & tutorials!

Feel free to browse the dolls &, if you feel inspired, grab some bases & find out how to make your own cartoon dolls!

If you want more advice or information, or simply want to chat to more cartoon doll makers, my forum is an excellent place to go.

Enjoy your visit!


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12 October 2007

All the contest entries are now up & voting has begun. I'm sorry for the delay (I feel like I spend all my time apologising on here nowadays!). As per usual, real life got in the way...

30 September 2007

All the contest entries I have received are now up. If you can't see yours & you haven't had a mail from me, please re-submit it!

13 September 2007

Zombie Beauty Queen awards are up! Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to everyone who took part :)

I also have a new contest up. The theme is Morning Noon & Night. Feel free to interpret this any way you like...


10 September 2007

New Fairy. I like bits of her, but not all of her... I seem to have lost my inspiration somewhere, she helped a little, but it's still not quite back...

2 September 2007

Drum roll please... my offical first male doll ever... Thought it was about time after almost 7 years... Plus, he actually almost looks like a boy. Go me!
The best excuse ever for oggling pictures of Jensen Ackles & Tom Welling all afternoon...

Plus, a new Lauren. I quite like her, although something is odd on the dress so she's looks a little pregnant... Oh, well...

I also added a CBox down there at the bottom in case you want to leave any messages... I miss CuteNews...

1 September 2007

A new base! Well, sort of... It's an an edit of the Dyna base, a mini-Dyna, so I called it "Myna" (what else?)
It's the base I used for the new Gathering graphic & a few people had asked for it.

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