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If you want to learn how to make your own cartoon dolls, this is a pretty good place to start :)

I want to say first off that I am not the best doller in the world, but I have picked up a few things since I started dolling & know my way around a graphics application. These tutorials aren't necessarily the right or wrong way to do something, they are just the way I do it.

I hope that you learn something new & build upon your knowledge to help develop your own unique & fabulous style of dolling.

You may find tutorials similar to these on other sites, but that does not mean that they have copied me or I have copied them. If you are familiar with your graphics application, it is very probable that multiple people will find similar ways to do certain things.

Navigate through the tutorials using the links to your left. If you have any problems, my forum is probably the best place to get answers.

Summary of Graphic Applications used for the tutorials

The GIMP FREE graphics application
PhotoPlus 5 FREE graphics application
PhotoShop Elements 2 Commercial graphics application
PaintShop Pro 7 & 8 Commercial graphics application
MS Paint Graphics application standard with Windows
Dolly Fans online :

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