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about the dolls
Q: Where is your dollmaker?
A: It's cunningly hidden under the Doll Maker link up there...

Q: How can I make dollz on this site?
A: You can either place with the doll maker (see link up at the top) or I offer bases for you to dress-up (just like naked Barbie dolls!) & tutorials to give you some help on how to dress them.

Q: Why don't you have more dollmakers?
A: Because they take months to make & I have issues keeping focused on one task for that long.

Q: What dollmaker do you use?
A: I do not use a Drag & Drop/Dollmaker! I use bases, usually my own, & draw the clothes onto the bases in Paint Shop Pro.

Q: How do you make dolls?
A: Please see my tutorials page for more information on making dolls.

Q: What program do you use to make your dolls?
A: Up to July 2004, my dolls were made exclusively in Paint Shop Pro (either version 7 or 8). However, my husband bought me a new graphics tablet for my birthday which came complete with PhotoShop Elements. I now use a mixture of both applications.
I prefer to draw the whole doll first in Paint Shop Pro as I prefer it's drawing tools & the way it handles layers, then I save the graphic in PSD format & add the shading in PhotoShop Elements.

Q: What do I need to make dolls?
A: Not much really! A graphics application, maybe a base (unless you want to make your own)& some time on your hands. If you are just starting out, MS Paint is fine for your needs, in fact, many experienced dollers choose to use this over more advanced application! If you don't like Paint, take a look at my Graphic Applications Comparison Page for some freeware & commercial alternatives.

If you really don't know where to start on your doll, my Doll Tutorial Search Engine has a huge number of tutorials listed for many different graphics applications & there's sure to be something there to help.

Q: Can you make me a doll?
A: No, I'm sorry. I don't have time to take requests.

Q: Can I edit one of your dolls?
A: No, please don't. Take a look at my Terms & Conditions for more information on what you can & can't do with my graphics.

Q: Can I edit your bases?
A: You may edit bases for your own personal use provided a link back to my site is supplied & you do not claim them as your own. For more information, see my Terms & Conditions.

Q: Are your dolls copyrighted?
A: Yes! all my dolls are copyright to me, Amy Roberts. For more information on copyright issues, please visit R.I.G.H.T.S.

Q: Why don't you have any male dolls?
A: I don't like drawing male dolls, plain & simple. I find female dolls easier & more enjoyable to draw & that's what's most important to me at the end of the day.

about the tutorials
Q: Why don't you have tutorials for Apple Macs?
A: Because I don't own a Mac!

Q: Why don't you have more tutorials for MS Paint?
A: Because I don't use Paint! I use Paint Shop Pro as my graphics program of choice, so I am really not that familiar with making dolls in Paint. I have included some, but as I'm not very good at it, I find them very difficult & unenjoyable to write.

Q: How do I (insert question about Paint Shop Pro/graphics application)?
A: Please post any queries relating to your graphics program at my forum.

about the website
Q: How did you make your website?
A: I coded this website by hand in a combination of Notepad & HTML-Kit (a freeware HTML editor - highly recommended!). I relied heavily on the use of CSS (cascading Style Sheets) to make this layout.
I use Filezilla, a freeware FTP application, to upload my pages.

Take a look at my Web Help section for more CSS resources & information. All the graphics were created by me in Paint Shop Pro.

Q: Can you make me a website?
A: No, sorry. I don't have the time to make layouts for anyone else at the moment.

Q: How can I make a website?
A: Take a look at my Web Help section for more information.

Q: Who hosts you site?
A: I pay for webhosting. I am currently with Powweb & they are fantastic. They offer loads of bandwidth at a very reasonable price..

Q: Will you be my sister site?
A: No, I'm sorry. I am only sister sites with people that I know well & consider to be friends. You'll know if you fall into this small group :)

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