Long Sleeved Top Tutorial

1. Start with the doll you want to add the top to. 2. Create a new layer called "Top". Set your foreground colour to a darker shade of whatever colour you want the top to be. Draw in the top using the base's edge for guidance. 3. Using the Paintbrush & Eraser Tools, clean-up the outline of the top. Ensure it is 1 pixel thick at all points & looks smooth.
4. Flood Fill the interior of the top with a lighter shade of the outline colour. 5. Select the Retouch tool & use the approximately the same settings as shown above - this will need to vary depending on the size of the doll. 6. Start by darkening the sides of the top. Use light strokes, don't keep the mouse button held down or it will be too dark.
7. Move onto the bust region. Don't just shade under the bust line, shade over & up the sides to give shape. 8. Next, do the arms. This is just the rough shading, we'll add details in a moment. 9. If needed, increase the Size of the Retouch Tool a little & blend in the sides/torso area of the top.
10. Decrease the size of the tool down to 1. Add some creases around the elbow & under the arms. 11. Add some creases to the bust area. 12. Finally, add some creases around the sides of the top.
13. Amend the settings to those shown above. 14. Wherever there is a small, darkened crease, use the Retouch tool to lighten the area just above it. This will give the fold a more 3D look. 15. Increase the size of the tool to about 6. Lighten the opposites sides of the arms that we darkened in step 8 & add some overall highlight to the bust area.
Your top is finished!
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