Saving your image as a transparent gif

The patent on the compression used for gif images expired recently, so free graphics applications can now include it without having to charge people!
Because of this, you'll need to make sure that your copy of PhotoPlus 5 was downloaded after June 18 2004. If not, uninstall it & download again.
1. Open the image that you want to save as a transparent gif. 2. We are going to merge the layers, so make sure your original is saved out of the way.

Go to Layers/Merge All

3. On the Layer Manager, you should see that all the layers are now merged into 1 single Background layer.
4. Right-click on this layer & choose Promote to Layer. 5. Select the Color Selection Tool. 6. Click on the background of your doll to select it, then press DELETE on your keyboard. Little grey & white squares will show in the areas deleted, indicating transparency.

Repeat this for any little nooks & crannies on the doll.

7. You may find it helps to zoom in on the image to see what you are doing. 8. Press CTRL+D to drop the selection.

Your dolls background should be looking something like this.

9. Go to File/Export Optimizer....

Use the following settings:

  • Format = GIF
  • Number of colors = 256
  • Palette = Optimized
  • Dithering = None
  • GIF Options = Transparent
Click on Export & give the file a name.
Your doll is now a transparent gif!
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