Colour Replacer in MS Paint

This is a handy little trick if you're making pixel shaded dolls in Paint.
1. Open your doll & the palette you want to replace the existing colours with. For this tutorial, we are going to make Bethany's dress yellow. If you don't have a doll to use, you can download a BMP version of Bethany. 2. Click on the Eraser tool. I usually choose the largest setting as it makes it quicker! 3. With the Color Picker tool, left-click on the current darkest shade that you want to replace to make this the foreground colour. In this example, it would be the blue outline of the dress.
4. Use the Color Picker tool again & right-click on the darkest shade on the palette to make this the background colour. 5. Now, hold down the right hand mouse button and use the Eraser tool to go over the dress. It is very important that you keep holding the right hand mouse button down - the left will just erase your image! You should see that everywhere that was the foreground colour, is now the background colour! 6. Repeat this process for each lighter shade.
There you have it! No hassle colour changing!
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