Jeans Tutorial

Please note: These are just my ways of doing things in Paint. I don't use it very much, so there may be easier/quicker ways to do what I am doing, feel free to play around!

1. Open & prepare your base as explained in my Preparing your Base tutorial. 2. Feel free to use you own colours, but I have made some palettes to make it a little easier for you - you will find them at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, have a go at making your own.
To use the palette, go to Edit/Paste From and locate the colour palettes from where you saved them on your PC. This will open them into the same document as your doll.
For this tutorial, you will need the black palette & a coloured palette.
3. Once in Paint, click on the Brush tool and choose the smallest brush size.
You could use the Pencil tool instead, if you want, but I always find the Brush easier as you just have the "cross-hair" cursor and thins makes it much easier to see what you are actually doing.
4. Use the Pick Color tool to select colour 1 from your palette & draw in the outline of your jeans. 5. Use the Pick Color tool again to select shade 6 in your palette & colour in the interior of your jeans. You can also cleanup any stray pixels at the same time. 6. Select colour 3 from the palette & draw in the fly area, waistband & pockets.
7. Still using colour 3, start shading the jeans. I have added folds around the tops of the legs to add an air of realism. You'll also notice I have shaded below the knees as well. 8. Use colour 2 to add a little more shading to the folds between the legs & the pockets. 9. Continue the shading using colours 4 then 5. Pay attention to the folds - extend them using each colour in turn.
10. If needed/desired, use colour 7 to add a few touches of highlight to the thighes & shins - just a few pixels should suffice. 11. You're jeans are looking good, but to give them a little texture, we are going to add some dithering. This is adding a few pixels of one colour onto another to assist in shading - as shown above. 12. Zoom in on your jeans & add a little patchwork of pixels at the edge of each colour to "blur" the colours into each other.
Your jeans are complete!
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