Basic Kao Tutorial

1. Create a new image, 50x50 pixels, with a transparent background. 2. Select a colour for the outline of your kao. Using the paintbrush tool, with the width set to 1, draw the above shape. (I have zoomed in by 2 to make it easier to see) 3. Select a much lighter shade of your outline colour & Floodfill the shape.
4. Select a medium shade of the outline colour. Draw in shading as shown above. 5. Choose a colour a little lighter than the shade you floodfilled the face with. Draw in some highlights as shown above. 6. Make your foreground colour black. Draw 2 eyes. Make the foreground colour white & ad a touch of shininess to the eyes.
7. Draw in a mouth. I have made a big smiley mouth here, but feel free to experiment. 8. Go to Layers/New Raster Layer. Name the new layer left hand. 9. Make your foreground colour the same colour as the kao outline. On the new layer, draw a shape as shown above.
10. Floodfill this new shape with the same colour as the face. 11. Set your foreground colour to the colour you used before for shading & add shading to the hand as shown above. 12. Press CTRL+C to copy the paw. Create a new layer name Right Hand. Press CTRL+E to paste the hand onto this new layer.
13. Create a new layer called Shadow 1. Set your foreground colour to a dark grey. Draw a shape as shown above, right at the bottom of the canvas. 14. On the Layer Palette, click on the little picture of the sunglasses to hide this layer. 15. Create a new layer named Shadow 2. Draw a shape 1 pixel smaller on each side than the shape on Shadow 1, as shown above.
16. Press SHIFT+D to duplicate your image. Save the original as 01 & the duplicate as 02 17. Zoom in on 01. Click on the Mover tool. Draw the face 2 pixels upwards. Draw the left paw 1 pixel down & the right paw 1 pixel up. 18. On the image named 02, hide the layer named Shadow 2 & make the layer named Shadow 1 visible.
19. Press CTRL+D to duplicate 02. Save the duplicate as 03 20. Zoom in on 03. Hide the layer named Shadow 1 & make the layer named Shadow 2 visible. Click on the Mover tool. Drag the face 2 pixels upwards. Drag the left paw 1 pixel up & the right paw 1 pixel down. 21. Go back to 01. Press CTRL+D to duplicate 02. Save the duplicate as 04.
22. Click on 01. Go to File/Export/Gif Optimizer.... Under Transparency, choose Existing image or layer transparency. Click on the Colours tab. Set the number of colours to 256. Choose Optimised Octree as the colour selection. Click on OK. Save 01.gif to a folder named Kao Ani. Save the other 3 images in the same way. 23. Go to File/Jasc Software Products/Lauch Animation Shop 24. In Animation Shop, click on the Animation Wizard icon.
25. Choose Same size as first image in frame. 26. On the second page, choose Transparent. 27. On the third page, just accept the defaults, as all your images as already the same size & you are not going to be creating any more frames, this screen is not really relevant. On the fourth page, choose Yes, repeat the animation indefinitely.
28. On the fifth page, click on the Add Image button. Find the folder you created earlier Kao Ani. Highlight 01. Hold down the SHIFT key & click on 04. All 4 images should now be highlighted. Click on Open 29. If needed, click on the Move Up & Move Down buttons to get the images in order. Click on Next, then Finish. 30. Click on the Animation Preview icon if you want to test your animation.
31. Go to File/Save As and name your animation. The Animation Optimizer will then appear. Because your image is so small, you can leave the slider up at Better Image Quality 32. Click on Customise & set the Number of Colours to about 63 from the drop down menu. Click OK. 33. Click Next, the Next again. You will now see a preview of your image. If you a happy with it, click Next, then Finish.
Your first Kao is now complete!
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