Transparent Gifs in Irfanview Tutorial

IrfanView is a freeware program which allows you, amongst other things, to save images as transparent gifs. If you don't already have a copy, you can download it from

This tutorial is written for IrfanView 3.95 which was the latest version as of 17 December 2004

1. To begin this tutorial, you will need to save your finished doll as a BMP. I am using Microsoft Paint as most PC users have this already. Open your doll in Paint. 2. Set your foreground colour to a colour that is not anywhere on your doll. For this tutorial, I am using a bright green. 3. Select the Fill with Color tool and fill in any areas you want to be transparent.
4. Go to File/Save As & ensure that 24-bit Bitmap is selected under Save as Type

Give the image a useful name & save it somewhere that you can remember!

5. Open IrfanView. Open the image you want to make transparent. 6. Go to File/Save As and choose GIF - Compuserve GIF under Save As Type.
7. When this file type is chose, another window appears.

Put a tick in the Save Transparent Color box & ensure that Choose transparent color during saving is selected. Give your image a name & click on Save.

8. The Choose Transparent Colour window will appear containing your doll. Click on the colour you want to appear as transparent (in this case, the bright green background).
That's all there is to it! Your doll is now a transparent gif!
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