Fishnet (I) Tutorial

1. Start with your completed doll that you want to add the fishnets to (or just a base if you prefer adding them first). 2. Create a new layer called "Fishnet" above your base layer, but below you clothing layers. 3. Set your foreground to whatever colour you want your fishnets to be. Try to avoid absolute black, use a dark grey instead as this makes shading easier.
Using the outline of the bases leg as a guide, draw in the outline of the fishnets. Remember to close the outline off underneath the clothes so that there are no gaps in the outline. I usually hide the clothing layer at this point to make it easier to see.
4. Select the Flood Fill tool. Make you settings the same as above. 5. Locate Textures under the Style palette. Hold the left-mouse button down on the little black arrow for a few seconds under a little menu flys out (as shown above). Change the setting from No Texture , to Texture . 6. Click on the image of the texture to bring up the Texture dialogue box.
7. Click on the drop down arrow to bring up a list of all available textures. Scroll down the list until you find a texture you like. Dither 50pct is good for a small fishnet, & Polka Dot makes a very nice pattern, but choose on you like. For this example, I am using Dither 25pct.
Click on the texture you want to use, then click on OK.
8. Flood Fill the interior of the outline you drew in step 3 with the texture. 9. To give a more realistic look, you can lower the Opacity of the Fishnet layer slightly.
Add some footwear & you're done!
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