Eye Tutorial

This is not so much a tutorial as a demonstration of a few different styles that you can use to draw eyes.

To get the shades for around the eyes, use colours that are a little big lighter & darker than your dolls outline.
For the eyebrows, use a shade this is a little lighter than the main hair colour.
The pink shades here on top of the eye can be substituted for muted browns, purples, blues & greys for eyeshadows.

To get the shades for around the eyes, use a muted/greyed shade of the colour of the dolls outline.
For a slightly less dramatic look, use a dark brown or grey for the eye outline rather than the black.
Remember to keep the highlight to one side, for instance to the left like in this example, otherwise your doll may look a little cross-eyed.

Again, the outline of the eye is comprised of 4 variations on the shade of the doll outline.
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