Stripy Stocking Tutorial

1. I prefer to add the stockings near the end, & start with an almost complete doll, but the choice is yours.

2. I have created several colour palettes that you can use, but you are free to use your own colours, or use on of my other palettes. 3. Create a new layer named Stockings above your base, but below any other clothes, by going to Layer/New Raster Layer... or clicking on the new raster layer icon on the Layer Palette.

Select the Paint Brush tool & set your Foreground to palette colour 1 (i.e. the darkest colour) using the Dropper.

4. Make sure your Paintbrush is 1 pixel in size. Draw in the outline of your Stockings. Try to match the outline of the legs of your doll. It's your choice whether to make the stockings full length or shorter.

I find it helps to Zoom in on the image & use precise cursors for this.

5. Use palette colour 2 to draw in band of colour. Try to make them slightly curved to make it look like they are following the curve of the leg. 6. Select colour 2 from a complementary colour palette & Flood Fill the spaces between the existing stripes.
7. To blend the colours together a little better, use the Smudge tool with a Size of 1 & Opacity of 60 to smudge the edges of the colour into each other.

8. Select the Lighten/Darken tool. 9. Set the Size to about 6, the Opacity to about 20 & put a tick in the Swap Mouse Button box.

Shade either side of the leg & at the top where any clothing hangs over them. Add a bit more shading to the inside of the legs than outside.

10. Still using Lighten/Darken, drop the Size down to about 3 & increase the Opacity to about 22. Add some more detailed shading around the knees, feet & anywhere clothing hangs over them.

11. Your doll should be looking like this so far.

12. Take the tick out of the Swap Mouse Button box. Change the Opacity to about 25 & the Size to about 2. Add some highlight to make the tights shiny.
Your stockings are complete!
If you like, you can drop the Opacity of the stockings layer to make them semi-transparent.
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