Who is Xandorra, anyway?

My name is Amy. I am 20-something years old & my birthday, for those who really want to know, is 31 July. Because some people have asked - I'm about 1.6m tall, have green-grey eyes and blondey brown, wavy hair.

I was born in England, but moved to South Africa when I was 9. I lived there until I was 18, then I moved back to England with my then-boyfriend, now-husband.
We lived in London for a while, eventually tiring of rush-hour trains & the pace of life there & we moved to Cheshire, were we still are!

I've been "online" for about 9 years & I've been "Xandorra" for about half of those. There's no deep meaning behind the name. When I first signed up to Yahoo, every variation of my name was taken. I asked Andrew (my husband) to suggest something quickly & this was the second one that came up (I didn't like the first). Becuase this site was first hosted at Geocities with that account, I called it "Xandorra's Place". The "X" is quite exotic which seems to make people remember the name, so it's not so bad ;)

I am a quiet & easy-going kinda gal. I hate any sort of conflict & have a tendancy to hide until it's over, which can be problematic. I'm not particularly social & only have a small group of close friends, but I love them to itty bitty pieces.


Apart from dolls, I adore webdesign. I especially like hand-coding pages, I still get a little thrill of accomplishment when I see the code I have written become a webpage. My current fixation is Cascading Style Sheets - they are truly awesome.
I do the usual things - read, listen to music, watch movies. I am also quite keen on Origami. One day I will take a picture of the paper brachicosaur I can make.
I also like anything that sparkles & one day I'm going to try and make my own jewellery. I love beads, I think they are so pretty. Lobe & Josie have really inspired me to give it a bash myself.

Favourite books & Authors

Oooh... so many! I love Science Fiction best of all. When I was younger, I was very into Fantasy, but I found you can only read a certain number of stories about an heir to whatever who goes on a quest with x-number of fantasy cliches to find the magic artifact of choice before they become rather tiresome.

Science Fiction short stories are almost better than Science Fiction novels. These are some of my favourite anthologies:

If you're looking for a good collection of stories, Gardner Dozois edits an annual anthology called The Best New SF, I think we're up to volume 15 now? It's alway a good read & I always look forward to Christmas when it comes out!

As for novels, I have a a lot that I enjoy, but there are some of my favourite favourites:

I also enjoy Stephen Baxter & Greg Bear.

Favourite Music

I have a huge CD collection. I listen to a huge range of music, whatever sounds nice to me. I'm not keen on Rap, R&B or Garage, but there is even the odd song from that genre that I like. I listen to a lot of New Age, Classical, 80's, Sound Tracks... I could go on forever! My current playlist (i.e. the CD's piled up next to my PC) consists of:

As you can see, I really need to put some CD's away! I've recently bought quite a few & have run out of space on my CD racks, so what can fit is being put away but what I listen to a lot is next to the PC. It's a bit of a varied list... I like eclectic.

Quickfire Favourites

That's all for now!
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