Meena Fantasy Maiden Dollmaker

To make your doll:
- Drag the pieces your base onto one of the blank areas in the centre of the page. Drag the clothes, hair & accessories over it.
- If you want to save your doll, you can press Print Scrn on your keyboard which will take "snapshot" of the screen
- Open your image editing application (e.g. Paint, Paint Shop Pro) & go to Edit/Paste
- Crop & save the image as required.

- Please don't re-distribute this dollmaker e.g. post it on your site
- If you make a doll using this dollmaker, please link back to
- You may use dolls made using this dollmaker to signatures/avatars, but a link back would be appreciated.
- Please don't re-distribute props from this dollmaker
- Dolls made using this dollmaker may be edited, but a link back is still required.

Cloak Backs


Facial Features


Shirts & shirt decoration

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Dresses & dress decorations



Cloak Fronts


Hair Accessories

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